What is the limit of the counter of the hours on the Nintendo Switch?

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Players wielding Nintendo Switch , you know that, in the screen of their personal profile, there are also references to the past titles have played, with an interesting statistic: after ten days from the first startup of a software, in fact, the console begins to show the cumulative amount of time that you have spent playing that game, going typically from “about an hour”, “about two hours” to the subsequent blocks by five hours (10 hours, 15 hours, 20 hours, and so on).

Many have wondered if there is a limit to this counter, i.e. what is the threshold beyond which it can no longer go. We know that can easily exceed a hundred, but what about the thousands? Well, the news is that someone has played so much to find out.

The player known as Samir AID on Twitter, Aidman on his Switch, he found that, having overcome the 9.999 hours on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the counter has stopped climbing. You can get, in short, the unit of thousands, while dozen is (for the moment) excluded.

Yes, in case you where wondering, 9.999 hours of the game are more or less than 416 days of play, more or less two years and a half from the exit on the market: we are pretty sure that Aidman to know everything, but really everything, of the universe of the game of Breath of the Wild.

Qual è il limite del counter delle ore su Nintendo Switch?

In a next comment, however, the player revealed to have left started the Switch with the game launched, sometimes, waiting for the rising recurrent blood moon on Hyrule, as you know, puts in their place all the monsters previously defeated, in this way, says Samir, could fight every time against the found Lynel golden, his enemies favorites.

What is the game with which you spent the most hours on your Nintendo Switch? There are chances that you go you also to break through the limit of the counter?


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