The content of Trials Rising grow with the arrival of a second extension called “Crash & Sunburn”. That explains Ubisoft in its press release, players have the opportunity to discover 37 new tracks through South America, Africa, Australia and the Antarctic, without forgetting the two models of motorcycles and held new “Explorer of the jungle”.

This is not all, because the French publisher took the opportunity to give the kick-off of Season 3, “Welcome to the Future”. It “introduces a myriad of new possibilities of customizations of objects for the motorcycles of the players, we said. These new articles will be available on a regular basis and as and to the extent of the season and will include two new outfits for bikers, the Cyborg and the combination Space. The outfits will also be accompanied by two new skins motorcycle, the skin Robo for the Mantis and the skin Space Rover to the Rhino. In addition to these outfits and skins, Season 3 will also introduce three headlights look futuristic as well as 10 new thematic accessories of helmets.”

Finally, Trials Rising also think of Halloween with a seasonal event starting in October. In addition to the various elements of customization that we will be able to recover through the store, a helmet exclusive will be available on the condition of retrieving all the paper lanterns in the shape of a pumpkin. The drivers are warned.