Splash GameStop: collapse in the numbers of the retail chain

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It is not a happy time for GameStop. The famous chain of resale of video games, reveal the tax data, recorded in the second quarter of the year a decline in sales of 14.3%. In particular, the sale of new hardware from the game is dropped by 41,1%, in expectation of the next-gen; sales of new software fell by 5.3%, with the only growth is represented by titles for Nintendo Switch.

In the decline in sales on the used, 17.5%, while accessories were down 9.5%. In decrease in all sectors: credit also digital has reduced by 11.2%, while there is an increase on the trading, which rose 21.2%.

Tonfo GameStop: crollano i numeri della catena retail

The numbers are however very severe: in the fourth quarter, the company had losses of $415,3 million. The numbers that have had a strong backlash even in the bag, where the title of the chain has quickly lost more than 15% of the value of its shares.

Evident that there is the need to safeguard jobs, to a new strategy: in the meeting with investors, GameStop has fixed a few points. Want to, first of all, “to improve the efficiency of its organization, restructuring costs, optimizing inventory, adding new products with high profit margins, rationalising the base of its stores on a global level.”

In this reorganization come new strategies: GameStop wants to “become the cultural hub for the video games, improving the in-store experience” and, we read, even suggesting improvements to his program, PowerUp Rewards.

Also set the goal of building a digital platform: the chain wants to renovate her official site, so that you have to be able to present in an attractive way the products desired by consumers.


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