PS5 and Xbox Scarlett: power,memory, always online?The expectations of a developer NHL 20

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Shared by Sony and Microsoft to some early details on the features of their next-gen consoles has opened the way for a large number of considerations by the members of the gaming industry.

Among these we also find William I, the developer that has contributed to the creation of the NHL 20 at the studios of Electronic Arts Canada. The latter was, in fact, recently the star of an interview to the microphones of Electric Playground Network. During the chat, the interviewer has asked I share his expectations on what would be the characteristics of the future PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.

“[…] We have some ideas about, you see, I think that’s something that I referenced earlier is how can we enable people to have their own personal experiences wherever they wish? – said the developer – I Think it is something that probably the next-gen will facilitate: greater power, more memory, always connected online, loading time is incredibly short […]”. In short, the various elements cited by William I, that ends with a “We’ll see“.

I is certainly not the first developer to express an opinion on the question: Tim Ash (BoxFrog Games( for example, has discussed the potential of the SSD, while Lucas Rowe (Red Blue Games) has highlighted the importance of the GPU. To find out what they actually have in store for Microsoft and Sony, however, we can only wait that the two giants games, decide to provide the public with more official details on their new platforms.


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