Pokemon GO: a Guide to the Raid of Deoxys in all forms, the best attacking moves

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Thanks to the time of the Raid legendary of September, the trainers of the Pokemon GO can address the various forms of Deoxys in Raid level 5. In this mini-guide will indicate the best Pokemon attacking moves most effective to use to die all.

Deoxys is available in four different forms: Normal, Attack, Defense and Speed. From 18:00 to 19:00 Italian-Wednesday, September 11, all forms of Deoxys will appear in the Raid level 5 Pokemon GO, allowing all of the coaches to deal with them and catch them. In order to achieve this, it will be of fundamental importance to equip themselves the best, so use the Pokemon attacking moves more effective. Let’s see what they are.

The best attackers, and fought against all the forms of Deoxys

The various forms of Deoxys are distinguished by the available skills, but are united by the fact of being all of the same type (Psychic). For this reason, forms, Normal, Attack, Defense and Speed are vulnerable to the same elements: Dark, Bug, Psychic , and Spectrum.

Below is a list of the best Pokemon attacking and the best moves to use against all the forms of Deoxys in Raid level 5:

  • Tyranitar: Bite and toasted cheese sandwich
  • Mewtwo: Psicotaglio, Confusion, and Shadow Ball
  • Gengar: Sbigoattacco, Evil, and Shadow Ball
  • Scizor: Tagliofuria and Scissors X
  • Houndoom: Urlorabbia, toasted cheese sandwich, and out of Spite

As always, play in the company of other coaches will help you to triumph in the Raid. Don’t forget to use the Pokemon attacking players that we have recommended. If you do not have them available, try to put your best creatures of the Dark-type, Bug, Psychic and Ghost.

Speaking of the other event Pokemon GO, remember that up to 23 September will be available the second week of ultrabonus.


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