Phil Spencer has played this week-the first titles for the Xbox Scarlett

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As you probably know, a short time ago Phil Spencer of Xbox and Pete Parsons of Bungie met for a stream dedicated to Destiny 2. During this live, many players have noticed that Spencer has discussed the Xbox Scarlett, the next console of Microsoft.

Even if he has not revealed the specifications of the machine, however, has said to have played the first titles on the new machine this week.

Many viewers, including Tom Verren of The Verge, they seem to have noticed, as stated by Spencer, as you can see in the tweet below.

Microsoft has not yet revealed any of the specifications of the Xbox Scarlett and it seems that the company is waiting for the reveal of the PlayStation 5. According to early reports and rumors, PS5 presumably would be two times more powerful than the Xbox One X. According to Microsoft, Xbox Scarlett would be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X. However, only time will tell which device will be the most powerful.

What do you think? You are waiting for Xbox Scarlett?

Source: Windowscentral.


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