NBA 2K20 gets the second place as the game with the most votes negative on Steam

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After its first week of release throughout the world, the NBA 2K20 has already earned the honour (unfortunately) to be the second game with the worse score on Steam. However, this “silver medal” it’s not surprising considering that the players have flooded the game’s page on Steam at the beginning of the week, with negative reviews because of the massive presence of microtransactions and gambling.

According to the website Steam 250 managed by some of the users, NBA 2K20 will put us only six days before arriving at the penultimate step of the ranking of the games with voting negative. On the podium is this Flatout 3:Chaos & Destruction, a video game racing published in 2011. However, if the negative reviews will continue, it is possible that the game of basketball is able to climb on the top step of the Hall of Shame of Steam.

NBA 2K20 currently has a average of the reviews “absolutely negative” on Steam, with only 16% of players that see the game in a positive light. In addition to the presence of microtransactions and the slot machines that resemble fearfully to the ones present in the casino, there are many other things that should not be. Often players complain about bugs and game issues on the public forums.


As a “consolation prize” players have begun to appreciate the NBA 2K19: currently the game came in the 32nd place in the rankings. Despite the anger of the players, 2K seems to not want to give them a listen:) as for the question of gambling, the company has not yet intervened on this debate.

If, despite everything you are still interested in this title, know that it is currently available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Segment Next


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