Gran Turismo Sport : a partnership with prestige Porsche, Taycan Turbo S presented in the game

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Porsche and Polyphony Digital take advantage of the excitement generated by the auto show in Frankfurt to announce the signing of an agreement. This is why the new Taycan Turbo S, the first 100% electric car of the German manufacturer, appears in the latest trailer of Gran Turismo : Sport. It will be available in the form of a free DLC starting next month. According to what we explained, “during the past nine months, the two teams were able to re-create the unique sound and performance of the car on the track in most of its interior is extremely detailed, instruments animated understood”.

In addition to the Taycan Turbo S, a version of “Living Legend” of the 917 will land soon in the game, history to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the vehicle. Finally, we announced the project Porsche Vision Gran Turismo which will lead to a new car in Gran Turismo : Sport end of 2020. “This is the first time that a virtual concept sport car, that will not be produced in series, will be developed, making the interpretation of visionary DNA Porsche a reality,” points out proudly to the press release.







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