That Gears 5 was a highly anticipated game by the community, there were very few doubts, and the positive votes in the reviews (by the way, here you can find our review of Gears 5), have confirmed the goodness of the last exclusive to Microsoft.

But in addition to the judgement of critics and the public, there are other factors that can better understand the success of the game, such as the news of the past few hours that has a historic. After over a year of absolute domination, in fact, Gears 5 has succeeded in stepping out from the top of the ranking of the titles more played on Xbox, a certain Fortnite.

The Battle Royale of Epic Games, which this morning is up to date with version 10.30 of Fortnite, it was in the head continuously since the summer of 2018. Probably going to the effect of the first days of Gears 5 we will return, but it is certainly an index of how well it has worked for Microsoft.

Also because the data show that the majority of users are using the Ultimate Edition, that can be used by the person who made the preorder, or by the holders of the subscription Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, for which you can get an idea about how much the number of these subscriptions is in constant growth.

Excellent result, therefore, for Microsoft and its Gears 5. Are you also among those who are spolpando? If you need help, don’t forget to take a look at our guide of Gears 5.