Gears 5 Guide: where to find all collectibles in the Campaign

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In Gears 5 there are 90 objects collectibles scattered in the game world. You can pick them up in the course of the campaign, unlocking its goal, called “Accumulator” serial. To help you in the intent, in this mini-guide we will show you the location of every collectible.

As seen in the previous chapters of the series, even in Gears 5 there are numerous collectibles scattered around the game world, to be collected in the course of the main Campaign. Below we will explain how to get them all to 90, showing their position within the map.

Where to find and how to get every collectible in Gears 5

After you have found an object, a collectable, all you have to do to get them is to harvest it by interacting with it. To locate them all you’ll have to keep your eyes open, exploring with care the world of the game.

If you need help to locate the positions of these objects, you can watch the movie proposed at the beginning, where they are shown the exact points where to find every collectible in Gears 5.

From the moment that the level of difficulty selected does not affect the obtainment of the trading, and of its goal “Accumulator-serial”, you can always lower it to make things more simple during the explorative phases, avoiding the enemies become excessive in the way while you are all finding these objects.

If you need other suggestions for the game, do not forget to see our guide with tips and strategies on Gears 5. Did you know that in multiplayer mode you can unlock and use Emile-A239, and Kat-B320 from Halo Reach?


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