GameStop : the sign behind Micromania will close almost 200 stores

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As we know, the sale of video games physical is not necessarily going very well and, for the past few years, retailers are forced to find solutions to ensure their survival. Micromania for example, is associated with Zing to the distribution of goodies to the pop-culture – it is actually a thing that one can definitely not dematerialize – and for GameStop, the giant american who has just Micromania, it is close to the shops… don’t bring back enough.

Thus, one learns via GamesIndustry that the platform is ready to condemn between 180 and 200 stores during this fiscal year : this does not suit the figures painful to those already announced, the $ 415 million loss for the last quarter or the 120 employees laid off in the last month.

However, these retailers who are expected to soon close their doors only cover a small part of the places GameStop since its 5400 other stores are “profitable” : try not too focus on the pessimism even if the financial figures are quite alarming…


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