Fortnite Battle Royal 10: 30 am: arrive Palm trees, Water and the Grove Greasy!

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As promised, the update at 10.30 am Fortnite Real Battle was duly published by Epic Games: let’s discover the novelties introduced by the development team!

The new update continues the work of transformation of the appearance of the universe of the game, leading to important distortions. Among these is the emergence of a new area: inside of Fortnite Real Battle comes, in fact, the town of Palm Water! A new area of the slit and swampy, and is characterized by a peculiarity. The players that visit this point of interest, in fact, have the ability to hunker down and turn into objects! You can see the mechanics in action in the trailer which you can find in the opening: good vision! Palms Water, however, is not the only novelty: the world of Fortnite also includes an additional area fissure, called Bosco Greasy, the inhabitants of which seem to go crazy for the taco!

Update 10.30 am and also introduces a new Mode: the MAT Knock Town. Below, we bring you his presentation: “Use the grappling hook to jump and dodge the shots while hitting the enemies once in the air with the Gun focile”. To win the victory at the end of the competition, will be the player who is able to perform the highest number of deletions.


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