Fortnite: 100 of the Thieves reveal how they spent the money won at the World Cup

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Davis “Ceice” McClellan and the Hayden “High” Krueger of the 100 Thieves are one of the “couples” is the most popular in the competitive environment of Fortnite, and in an episode of the podcast of Selfmade have revealed how they spent the money earned in July, the Fortnite World Cup.

Ceice and High has finished at third place during the World Cup of Fortnite, which means that you are brought home as many as 1.8 million Dollars , to be divided equally. Are you a lot of money for anyone, but especially for a couple of players who just started the career.

Ceice has revealed she bestowed on all those who came to the event to support and tifarlo $ 1,000 each to spend on anything they wanted. Then, talking about an entourage up to ten people, this is equivalent to 10,000 bucks. Just as a thank you for the support.

Once back home, she said she bought a station streaming completely new, which showed in a video on his YouTube channel. In all, between gifts and the station renewed has spent $ 21,000 immediately.

High, on the other hand, it was very cryptic and a few words about how he spent the money earned. The guy is limited to change the subject, talking about girls.

For Ceice, however, those $ 21,000, compared to the 900,000 earned are really a no brainer. I wonder how it will handle the rest. Indeed, the real question is if they know how to handle them properly.

The two players continue to compete together in tournaments, so the nest egg for retirement may also increase. His career as a pro player, however, is very short and very changeable, as well as the fortune.

Atria three players of the 100 Thieves (Kenith, SirDimetrious and Blind), for example, were not so lucky and ended their experience with the team Nadeshot just a week ago.


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