Fortnite 10: 30 am: there is also the skin secret of the Season X between the contents of the new leak

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As promised in the late evening of yesterday, Epic Games has released the new update of Fortnite Real Battle that brought the game to version 10.30. Of course also this time the dataminer, you are immediately put to work to comb through every single file that was introduced with the patch and reveal all of the secrets.

The result is a generous amount of emotes, costumes, and tools from the collection, hang gliders and covers for vehicles and weapons that the developers put in between the items for sale in the shop in the course of the next few days. As you can see in the image below, the only legendary item in the present between those protagonists of the leak will not be put on sale in the store object, since it is the skin secret of the Season X. Confirming the rumors of the last weeks, the Visitor will return in a sort of version 2.0 and this time also will be provided a number of alternative styles that, unfortunately, we still don’t know how and when they will be unlocked by the holders of the Pass the Battle of the tenth season.

Before I leave you to the image with all the incoming news, we remind you that the last update of Fortnite Real Battle has introduced two new areas: the Palm grove and Water-Brake Greasy.


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