Fallout 76, and through micro-transactions, the fridge costs 7 dollars and the players arise

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Bethesda before the launch of Fallout 76 had stated that the microtransactions within the game would be available exclusively for cosmetic items. Unfortunately, it seems that an object deemed essential to the players as it is however, payment.

The fridge had originally been suggested by the gaming community, functioning obviously as a place to store food. It offers advantages when it is inserted in the CAMP, slowing down the rate of deterioration of foods and beverages by 50%. However, you can purchase only with real currency.

This appliance is worth 700 atoms, the equivalent of 7 dollars and it was introduced after a suggestion from a player. At the time Bethesda had welcomed the proposal, however, users had no idea that this refrigerator would be sold within the Atomic Shop.

Now the subreddit for Fallout 76 is chock-full of complaints, therefore it is expected that Bethesda back, allowing all the players to be able to obtain the refrigerator without having to shell out such a figure.


We remind you that Fallout 76 is available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In the course of the autumn in the game will receive a free DLC that will introduce a system of dialogues.

Source: VG247


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