Electronic Arts : cloud gaming is going to become a reality, the first tests for Project Atlas

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Unveiled last year, Project Atlas will pass the second. It is in any case made clear to Electronic Arts in a post where Ken Moss, the director of technology, says that the first tests in real conditions of use will start at a date yet unknown, knowing that the players concerned by the operation can register at this address. It must be said that with the other players in the industry who are taking up arms, the american publisher was rather interest to speed things up. “If the tests will be run on PC, we also ensure that the performance of the services to be optimal on other media,” says Ken Moss.

Among the games that will be available during this test grandeur nature, we find FIFA 19, Need For Sped Rivals, Titanfall 2, or even Unravel. In addition, Electronic Arts is a point of honor to treat the cross-save and cross-play to enable players to play with anyone regardless of his or her support, and regardless of the place where it is located. And like Google with Stadia, the goal is to provide maximum mobility. “You’ll be able to stream Madden in HD on the TV in your living room or the room of your hotel, picks up the snowman. You can even continue your game on your smartphone, while you move”.

For the price of the service, it will be necessary to wait before knowing the intentions of Electronic Arts, but we can expect an offer aligned with the competition so it promises to be tough.


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