Disney : the firm does already most of FoxNext, a subsidiary of the video game belonging to the 21st Century Fox

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As you know certainly, one of the great moves of 2019 was the acquisition of 21st Century Fox by Disney for approximately $ 71 billion dollars : redemption impressive, which allows the u.s. giant to take ownership of a few licenses among the most popular as X-Men (which will incorporate the MCU), Alien or Avatar. In this huge package, many companies are also included which FoxNext, all affiliate gaming of the 21st Century Fox. One owes him in particular of mobile games such as Marvel Strike Force or, more recently, Alien Blackout.

But unfortunately, Disney does not seem interested more than that, and wants neither more nor less than… part with it. The firm’s announcement effectively the sale of the publisher/developer to the highest bidder which, for the moment, has not yet been found. It must be said that Disney already has strong support in the video game, for example with Electronic Arts to develop games Star Wars, or even Sony with Spider-Man.

Inevitably, one wonders if and how the monster of the culture will adapt these new franchises of the 21st Century Fox video games… and our imagination we promises fast beautiful things. Fingers crossed for that to be the case.


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