Death Stranding, in advance, the time of the first appointment TGS: here’s what will be shown

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After the presentation of the game on the occasion of the show of the opening of the Gamescom 2019, Death Stranding is preparing to be among the protagonists of the Tokyo Game Show.

As already anticipatovi, during the fair, the japanese are two different sessions of gameplay dedicated to the production signed Kojima Producions. From the pages of his very active Twitter account, Hideo Kojima announced some more details of what will be shown on the occasion of the first appointment, set for tomorrow, Thursday 12 September.

As you can see at the bottom, a twitter lists in detail what will be the content shown during the event. The latter will be the protagonist in the first third of the mission of the game, the purpose of which will be to understand the basic flow/performance essential Death Stranding. Because of difficulties in maintaining the stability and the online network of the stage, the gameplay will not be presented live, but shown through a footage with a duration of 49 minutes. In order to avoid spoilers, the gameplay will present a map and objects specially modified.

The presentation I will also start with a slight advance compared to what was originally announced. Scheduled for 16:00 local time, the session will take instead the via to the hours 15:30 time zone the japanese. Remains unchanged the start time of the second appointment, set for Saturday, September 14.


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