Daemon X Machina – review

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The recent release of the old Metal Wolf Chaos was not enough to quench the thirst of those who for too long feels deprived of the right need to board a Mech armed to the teeth to shoot a salvo of guided missiles in the sphincter mechanic of some enemy. To their aid comes now Daemon X Machinatitle since that first trailer had left good impressions… and guess what? The project also involves the producer of the series, Armored Core, good Kenichiro Tsukuda.

The messages included in this project are clear. If you have more than 30 years and only see the face of a Gundam causes a tear, DXM is your game. If you celebrate the times when Kojima did not think simulators DHL courier service via a retractable ladder, and between a Metal Gear and the other we gave two splendid Zone of the Enders, DXM is the game for you. If you have fingers the elastic and you won’t have problems to manage the coordination of eyes-hands, this is the next title to buy.

If the last sentence left you a bit perplexed, you deserve an explanation. It was a so nice and original (?!?) to tell you that start playing Daemon X Machina on Switch-mode laptop is certainly not the easiest thing in the world. Already in the past, we have highlighted the difficulties in managing some of the commands with the small keys of the JoyCon, a problem is, of course, feel the most in the games more dynamic and those that require the use of a combo of keys in the front and back. Daemon X Machina falls into both categories, this means that if you have hands larger than average you will have to put in the budget an initial period of adaptation and mild curses… you choose if put to the designers Nintendo or genetics.

Daemon X Machina

  • Developer: Marvelous
  • Publisher: Koch Media
  • Availability: 13 September, 2019 on the Switch

With time, however, make a habit of it, the “pain” will subside and the assimilation of the mechanical motion of 360° that are typical of this genre of games will allow you to better appreciate the speed and responsiveness of the control system. If you want to avoid this first period of adjustment, we recommend you start with the console docked, and maybe use a nice Pro Controller, which ensures a grip more solid and ergonomics that are far greater.

After you have found your perfect set-up will be the time to give shape to your avatar. We have used the plural because in Daemon X Machina, you can choose not only the gender, hairstyle and many other aesthetic details of the pilot that will represent you on the field, but also the colors and the equipment (primary and secondary) of your Arsenal, the powerful mech that new from that moment on. The fact also this goes to the ever-present tutorial, as of this time, useful to understand the control system and the interface of the game. Move easily is not easy at the beginning and achieve some of the targets, or even just to decipher what the screen is telling us it requires a certain effort of concentration, which makes the initial combat rather clunky.

Daemon_01The user interface is decidedly a rich one, too. You can, however, decide which elements of the HUD to show or hide.

As always happens, however, practice makes perfect. With just a handful of missions to fly and shoot better than a dancer with the Bolshoi, and it is from that moment that you will discover the distinct nature arcade Daemon X Machina. The speed of the game is continuously growing and it has a pleasant aftertaste of Virtual-On is represented by the mira automatic framing automatically targets centered in the view, leaving the player the choice of weapons to use, and the move to and around targets. This simplification clears almost completely the component of tactics, but it elevates not just the rate of adrenaline released by the same.

The freedom of movement during the missions is almost complete, but the extension of the maps is not particularly wide. In the first two hours of the game, the missions are pretty basic and almost never include secondary objectives. With the rise of the degree of evaluation of the same, things change and items to keep an eye on multiply. Also the story takes a while to take off after starting quite anonymous and fragmented.

The hangar which you will take possession at the start will allow you to access all the necessary options and will also be the starting point for online games. A HUB is not too long but full of details, in which you can assemble the team of mercenaries with which to face the co-op online and local. This mode, unfortunately, was not available in the version we used for this review as the servers will be open in time for the launch of the game.

Daemon_02The editor of the character is incredibly deep and allows you to choose details such as the thickness of the eyebrows and the lips.

Regardless of your decision to play alone or in the company of a friend, the time will come when you will have seen the enormous possibilities of customization of your Arsenal, then and only then Daemon X Machina will begin to see his true nature. Initially you will feel a little more than a tin can armed with a water gun, but with the passage of time and the rewards your Arsenal will become a real powerhouse and it is precisely in this aspect that the game is more similar to Armored Core. You prefer ranged weapons such as seeker missiles, and several types of machine guns or do you prefer a more direct contact charging with the shield in the left? Everything is possible and the options that gradually will open up are many. The decisions you make will also change radically what you will receive back from your Mech, you can make it fast and snappy or slow but extremely powerful and resistant. Add to the mix a myriad of aesthetic changes between the textures and the decals and you will reach the paradise of the lovers of “tuning ” futuristic”.

If this aspect has been taken care of in an almost manic by the development team as well as can be said of the level of challenge. Daemon X Machina has shown, in fact, to say the least permissive even when we have committed gross errors in assessing the strength of the enemy, or in the choice of the starting gear. Even the giant bosses have not represented a major challenge, also because of the overabundance of ammunition, stranded on the field. The feeling is that Daemon X Machina has been shaped to allow the largest possible audience to appreciate the gameplay. A choice that in fact makes the very high rate of customization that is described a few lines is almost superfluous for the purposes of achieving any result.

Daemon_03The ammo are not in short supply and on the field, you can retrieve both the equipment of the enemies that the various objects to use as weapons provisional.

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If you want to try a thrill more than occasionally, you can also venture out on foot, abandoning temporarily the Arsenal. In these cases, you will become obviously more vulnerable to enemy attack but to make a choice of this kind should have a value tactics, or at least so he insisted multiple times by the development team. In part this is true considering that even your Outer be able to progress and gain new skills which, in part, is reflected on the Mech, but at the end of this component of the game has not been developed to the better and is to some extent independent of the rest. Would have had a resonance much greater if it had been structured in such a way more solid, to the Lost Planet as an example.

The discreet portfolio narrative is accompanied by an aesthetic which immediately seemed to be one of the strong points of Daemon X Machina. The particular style of Anime chosen by the developers, goes to a party with the excellent cel-shading, a technique that in addition to hide in a polygon modeling not just impeccable visually sumptuous every match, with an excellent yield of the explosions and of the effects associated with the various weapon types. Everything then turns with very little uncertainty, about this right of choice of the developers to lower a bit the level of detail in favour of fluidity.

We are certain that you have a look at the vote well before you start reading this review, but it is worth to explain the numerical value with a few more words. We would have loved to give a higher rating to Daemon X Machina. Until the last we were undecided whether to make him climb or not another step but in the end we gave up because of the discordance of some of the choices of game design. Why treat so maniacally customization of your Arsenal and then throw them in meal to an adventure whose excessive ease it nullifies almost entirely the sense? It would be appropriate for an update that will exit from its cocoon, a title whose potential remained largely untapped.



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