Capcom has won the lawsuit against Koei Tecmo regarding the infringement of some patents

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Koei Tecmo is obligated to pay Capcom $ 1.5 million after the court has confirmed the infringement of two patents. For infringement of the patent no. 3350773 (patent) and the patent no. 3295771 (patent B), Koei Tecmo has been ordered by the High court of intellectual property to pay 157 million Yen in damages and attorney’s fees in favor of Capcom.

The patent-specific cover a range of details, such as the import and release of contents from a title with the old in a new game, and a technique of vibration of the controller to warn players of nearby enemies. This is a second cause raised by Capcom against Koei Tecmo in the district court of Osaka.

In 2014, Capcom has argued that both the patent To which B had been violated by Koei Tecmo, but the court had only recognized the patent application B, telling Koei Tecmo to pay 5,17 million Yen (about $ 50,000) in damages and legal fees. However, the latest ruling has found that both the patent (s) had been violated.


Through a press release, Capcom has stated: “our company is committed to improving the customer experience and extend the gaming industry, by promoting the effective use of its patents through the use of methods such as licensing, while safeguarding the inventions associated with each of its titles.”

Source: GamesIndustry


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