Borderlands 3 : the game is really more beautiful than Borderlands 2 ? A video makes the point

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After eight years of waiting, Borderlands 3 will finally land, and the excitement is at its peak. A priori, the excellent saga of Gearbox Software has under the hood and some in the media, in the United States, already have the game forward-first : it is thus quite naturally that they are undertaking tests in good and due form, in the image of the YouTube channel Candyland just to make a comparison video rather interesting with Borderlands 2.

Then, this third chapter is really more beautiful than its predecessor ? Certainly, yes : the sets are more elaborate, the effects more numerous, the models that are better animated. Even so, some details are missing, strangely the call, and that leaves you see below : namely that the author of the video has performed his tests on PC in ultra and PhysX enabled in Borderlands 2, which provides him with a unique extra.

Borderlands 3 will be released on 13 September on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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