Apex Legends : two editions of the physical to the battle royale of Electronic Arts, here is what they contain

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Available in free-to-play since 4 February on Xbox One, PC and PS4, Apex Legends will be the subject of two editions physical. It is, in effect, advised Electronic Arts on its official website, stating that it will cost 19,99€ to obtain them. More specifically, the edition of Lifeline will contain A skin legendary guardian Angel for Lifeline, a skin of the legendary weapon of Choice of the victims to Flatline, a banner exclusive Guardian winged, a badge exclusive Shot of the angel, and 1,000 parts Apex.

As to publishing Bloodhound, it will include A skin legendary Bully for Bloodhound, a skin of the legendary weapon Carrier of the rage for the Prowler, a banner exclusive Malice, a badge exclusive Tormentor, and 1,000 parts Apex. While it will not happen before the 18 October next.

Apex Legends


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