Apex Legends: a leak reveals the name and content of the Season 3

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Continue the discoveries of the dataminer on Apex Legends and, this time, are the very first information on the Season 3 to be the protagonists of a new leak.

According to what was discovered by a user Spanish, the next season of battle royale weblog Respawn Entertainment will be called “Fire and Ice”, which could be an indication of the hypothetical arrival of an area covered in snow in the Canyon of the Kings. For what concerns, instead, the season Pass, we know that this will include the following items:

  • Skin exclusive to Octane and Caustic
  • Camouflage legendary and responsive to the smg-R301
  • Camouflage legendary and responsive to the machine-gun Spitfire
  • Camouflage legendary and responsive to the smg-Alternator
  • Package Apex Legendary
  • Package Apex Epic
  • 2550 Metals by creating

By purchasing the edition with the most expensive pass, you will depart directly from the level 25 of the season, by releasing immediately the skins for the Spitfire and one of the heroes. There are references to what will be the new hero of the season, even if some of the clues leave little doubt about the arrival of Crypto.

At this point, there is nothing to do but wait for an official announcement from the developers, since the arrival of Season 3 of Apex Legends should be scheduled for the first week of the next month.


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