Are the hot hours for FIFA 20 , and for players and fans of video games. In the past hours, we have already reported that Romelu Baggies striker of Inter, not at all satisfied with his speed on the football of the house of Electronic Arts, while Jadon Sancho, Borussia Dortmund, has not failed to express his doubts, getting even a response from EA Sports.

Of the two, is now following Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, bomber gabon in force at Arsenal, that on Twitter he expressed his doubts to the overall value of 88 which he was awarded in FIFA 20. In his twitter, where he says “you use the EA you need to explain something that I do not understand”, the striker of the Gunners, and concluded by asking his fans what they think of evaluation.

In many do in fact note that, in their opinion, a value of 85 for shooting, awarded to a striker who has put together more than 30 goals in a season, is considered to be too low. Many called for “at least 89”, others speak of “you should leave a minimum of 90”.

In any way things are, the striker of Arsenal is proposed with the values that we show below, in FIFA 20.

Anche Aubameyang contro FIFA 20 per la sua valutazione

We remind you that FIFA 20 will arrive on the 27th of September on PC (Origin), PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. By some it is now officially available in the demo, on all platforms except the Switch.