According to the boss of Quantic Dream, Hollywood stars in video games are not just a marketing ploy

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Although it is a huge form of online entertainment with movies and television, when it comes to actors there is little “connection” between the medium of videogames and Hollywood. This, however, is changing a bit, especially with the likes of Keanu Reeves, which will be an important character in Cyberpunk 2077 , and with Death Stranding that will be full of stars.

For this reason, it can often be seen in a light cynical each time a big publisher adds the talents of Hollywood at its own game, a ploy (not so cheap) to attract attention. And, to tell the truth, can also work. When it was revealed that Reeves would be in Cyberpunk, there were many, if not most, of the articles written on this topic than any other thing relating to the game. But David Cage sees it differently, stating that chase this type of talent has a value that goes beyond marketing.

Speaking with OnlySP, the boss of Quantic Dream has said that to get the talent of Hollywood for a title can hurt, because people look at everything in a cynical way. Cage also says that actors experts can help to bring a new level of emotion in the story, something that would be impossible with actors with little experience.


“We have never considered actors with big names as a resource in itself for our games. In fact, sometimes we thought that it was even the opposite: having famous actors might be a handicap for a title because some journalists will think that it is only marketing”.

“We will surely continue to work with the talents of Hollywood in the future because they help us in a significant way to create emotional experiences, and believable characters.”

What do you think? Include Hollywood star is only a marketing move, or it can actually make for a better gaming experience?

Source: Gamingbolt.


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