In a society, such as the present, spurred by the rapid innovation of technological paradigms, cultural institutions are called upon every day to be confronted with the challenge to develop new strategies of communication and take full advantage of the potential offered by the tools of the digital world to enter into a relationship with their public and avvicinarne new.

From this point of view, one of the phenomena most interesting that has emerged worldwide in recent years is constituted by the application of the language of gaming as an approach for the use of the historical-artistic heritage in the degree of decline in the educational function of museums in a participatory dimension, which aims to engage especially the younger generations, one of the main categories of the so-called not-yet public.

Powerful devices to trigger processes of engagement and learning of the visitors, the game can also arrive in Bologna with the experimental project WunderBO that promotes the city and its museums, is available free of charge as an app in Italian and English in the iOS version and the very short Android to link.

WunderBOis a game to learn about and explore the cultural heritage of Bologna, an adventure full of puzzles, trivia and hidden object in which the player is called to collect the remains coming from the Medieval Civic Museum and the Museum of Palazzo Poggi in Bologna for the descrambling of a real Wunderkammer , or ‘wonder room’ (the Wunderkammer is unfenomeno collectors of the seventeenth century, typical of the area, cultural centre-european mixed natural and artificial objects, with a particular penchant for the bizarre and the wonderful).

Exceptional guides in this unique journey of discovery will be the animations that are dedicated to three famous personalities of bologna: the naturalist Ulisse Aldrovandi (1522-1605), the collector of wonders Ferdinando Cospi (1606-1686) and the founder of the Institute of the Sciences Luigi Ferdinando Marsili (1658-1730). During the experience, players will come into contact with the characters, recompose the clues scattered through the story and collect the treasures.

To complete your collection of mirabilia, the player will have to find out some key pieces of the collections by visiting the two museums and unlock the augmented reality content that’s missing: just shot on the spot, the QR code of the finds indicated to unlock new content, earn extra points and finish the game.

Through social you can then share your progress, participating in first person to the diffusion of the knowledge of the city and its treasures: through Facebook you can share more insights on the findings unlocked; the option will be available soon.

The first 100 players who will end up with successful the game, including the release of the exhibits inside the museums, you win the prize of the Museum Card for Metropolitan Bologna, which entitles you for one year with free entries or reduced entry to museums, exhibitions, theatres, cinema and festivals. The adventure has begun!

How WunderBO

The Municipality of Bologna in collaboration with the Medieval Museum | Institution Bologna Museums and the Museo di Palazzo Poggi | SMA – sistema Museale di Ateneo launched last autumn, the call for tenders ‘Bologna puts you in the game – Playable Bologna‘: a challenge to promote the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of the city through a video game. One of the projects of companies and professionals in the field, coming from all over Italy won the victory WunderBO presented by Melazeta, studio Modena active in the field of video games.

The project WunderBO is funded by Project ROCK (ROCK Regeneration and Optimisation of Cultural heritage in creative and Knowledge cities – a – Program for research and innovation Horizon 2020 of the European Union, the Municipality of Bologna and the Emilia-Romagna Region through INCREDIBOL! – The Creative Innovation of BOLogna (

Events to discover WunderBO

What we have in Common – September 10, Bologna, Palazzo Re Enzo

The open day dedicated to the presentation of the educational offer of the Municipality of Bologna and addressed to teachers, educators and school leaders. In the positions dedicated to the Institution Bologna Musei and SMA – Museum System of the University, the operators of educational services, the developers of Melazeta, will show the features of the video game and present the learning paths specifically designed for schools of every order and degree.

IVIPRO DAYS – September 14, Ferrara, Castello Estense

An event sponsored by the association IVIPRO – the Italian Videogame Program (winner of Incredibol! 2017), dedicated to the role and potential of the videogame as an instrument of promotion of the territory and heritage. For the occasion, Lara Groves, CEO of Melazeta, will tell the experience of WunderBOin a round table dedicated to The Emilia-Romagna region in video games: experiences in the region.


International exhibition of Restoration, Museums and Cultural Enterprises – September 18-20, Ferrara, Exhibitions and Conferences

It is the first and most recognized festival dedicated to the cultural and environmental heritage, which has become a point of reference for all workers in the industry and professional bodies that revolve around the world of culture. Thanks to the active participation of important companies and institutions in the field of restoration and conservation of cultural and environmental heritage, are faced with the themes more current and more urgent, and presented technologies and innovations.

At the stand of the Museum System of the University, will be set up at a station WunderBO, in which museum professionals, will illustrate, on a continuous cycle, the potential of cultural dissemination and the playful/educational video game, which can be tested thanks to tablet placed at the disposal of visitors.

Welcome Day for International Students | University of Bologna – October 7, Bologna, Palazzo Re Enzo

Is the event welcome to international students who will study at the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna.

The Welcome Day is designed to make entry to the University and to university life as easy as possible thanks to meetings that will help the students to learn more about the university and the city. Among the several stands will also be present on one of the Museum System of the University about the content and operation of WunderBOoffrendo the chance to try it out directly on site on a tablet, or guiding students in the download of the app.

In the context of Learn the Art of the Civic Museums of Ancient Art of Bologna and of theOpen day of theinstitution Bologna Museums, Saturday, October 5 , at 10.30 a.m. at the Museum of the middle ages , there will be unmomento presentation of WunderBO.

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