In an interview granted to the VGC, the historic designer Yu Suzuki has opened the possibility to go back to work on the franchise’s historical SEGA who helped launch decades ago.

“Yes, I would,” he responded to an explicit question concerning whether he would like to return to the care of IP like Virtua Fighter and Out Run, in so many ways the pieces of the history of video games.

The interviewer has at this point pushed to know if there were already conversations underway between SEGA and Suzuki, receiving a response quite surprising.

“Yes, there might be something,” explained Suzuki. “But since the IP you mentioned are owned by SEGA, I should work with them. I am a special advisor for SEGA, but we need to talk”.

This, along with the words on Shenmue 4 for which it seems that the japanese keep the door open for the return of SEGA as a publisher, they can make you really hopeful for the lovers of classics from the likes of Virtua Fighter and Out Run.