The Gamescom 2019 was an important event for the players of Monster Hunter World, thanks to a new trailer dedicated to the Velkhana, and lots of new information on the upcoming changes to the day one of Iceborne. But it seems Capcom still has several aces up his sleeve to whet the players ‘ attention before the launch of the expansion.

Recently, the software house has released a new commercial featuring some of the new incoming monsters, like Tigrex, Brachydios and Nargacuga. Among these, for few seconds, also makes the appearance of the Yian Garuga.

For those not familiar, this is a Wyvern bird of Prey (such as Kc-Ya-Ku and the Tzitzi Ya-Ku) appeared for the first time in the Monster Hunter World Freedom. At the expense of appearances, the Yian Garuga is a monster extremely aggressive, able to generate balls of fire and poison its victims with its tail. Even in the new trailer we see him face it head a Deviljho, a monster to the top of the food chain in the series.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be available from 6 September for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: GamesRadar