The talkative Mike Pondsmith has told a new anecdote about Cyberpunk 2077 , and in particular on the chat collaboration with Keanu Reeves.

As confided by the same creator of the board game original, Pondsmith didn’t believe at all that it was possible to have the star of the Matrix in the title of CD Projekt RED.

“CDPR not told me who they had taken. I said, ‘we have an actor’, and I said, ‘who are you?’. They said, ‘we can not tell you, wait until you will be in Warsaw’”.

Pondsmith spoke with his wife, Lisa, towards the end of the immediately all about Keanu Reeves. “And I told her nahh, are far below its economic standards. Moreover, he will never do more stuff Cyberpunk”.

Once in Warsaw for one of their regular meetings the following day, however, the surprise.

“We said, ‘before we tell you who it is, you want to try to guess?’. And my wife said, ‘is Keanu Reeves, right?’. They went white, and said, ‘how do you know?’”, he said.

Beyond this funny anecdote, Pondsmith thinks that was the right choice, although it was still possible to meet the hollywood actor. “Sooner or later will fall into the trap that I have prepared for him.”

We hope for him that it happens before the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 on the 16th of April on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, or at least in time for that on Google Staff, still without a date.