In the course of Gamescom 2019, the authors of the Good Shepherd Entertainment and LionsGate Games we have given of the singular lessons of Gun-Fu, for helping us to make our Video Preview of John Wick Hex.

The original action game signed by Mike Bithell and based on the homonym film series starring the famous character played by Keanu Reeves uses the atypical formula strategy to calm ourselves in the shoes of John Wick.

The results obtained by the authors following the dad of Volume and Thomas Was Alone are extremely promising, as he explains the good Thomas “Todd” Montagnoli in the considerations that accompany our test of John Wick Hex from Gamescom.

Drawing on the rich collection of martial arts moves of the anti-hero played by Reeves in the trilogy-hollywood, John Wick, the developers directed by Bithell will attempt to capture the essence of the series to write a new chapter in interactive with lots of stories to be addressed strictly to the sound of jacks killing and shootings.

In the impatient waiting to know the official launch date of this unusual project colours to the strategic, we leave you with our Video Preview of John Wick and Hex, if I were lost, and our review of the film John Wick 3 Cartridge.