Hideo Kojima has now become a well-known face on the network, not only for his enormous contribution to the world of gaming, but also for its skillful use of the social network.

In an interview granted to the German website 4Players, the creator of Death Stranding has discussed this passion and how it reports.

“Of course I’m always careful,” explained Kojima during the Gamescom. “Connect or refuse the connection has the same meaning. People need other people. Think of the families, villages, cities, even countries.”

“There is a lot of resistance, even violence, when you connect on social media. Trump says he wants to build a wall, there are the Brexit and the European Union, these things happen in real life”.

“But,” added the father of Metal Gear, “you have to understand that people basically have to live together for instinct along with the others. So I want the games people Death Stranding and not just criticize everything, but to open their eyes and see what is going on around you while you play”.

An interesting aspect pointed out by the game designer and director of japanese is that “one of the themes of Death Stranding is the connection, but I did not say that connect is right, nor have I said that is wrong. I want people to form their opinion”.

The the exclusive launch of the PS4, a open world like The Phantom Pain, is scheduled for November 8th.