GTA V is no longer available on the service, the game streaming, GeForce Now, the platform of Nvidia is currently in a beta phase for free.

The removal took place without official communications, but users are more careful on the network have not been able not to notice the absence and contact the customer service department for confirmation.

“I spoke with the live support, they told me that it was a decision for Rockstar and GFN has them removed,” according to the reconstruction of a user on the official forum.

gta v grand theft auto

“When I asked the reason they did not give me a real answer, they just repeated several times that ‘it was decided by the developers,’” he added.

Among you will not fail to be some who will remember that Rockstar Games appears in the list of studies that will support the Google Staff, even though they were not yet provided ads with regard to titles that take you on the platform.

Certainly, as far as we have speculation, we can imagine that the series of GTA is preparing to make his return in a new house, at least on the side of the stream.