More and more developers who decide to involve players in the production process, and to be guided by their feedback while taking important decisions related to design. This occurs more and more frequently for securities in continuous development, both before and after the launch.

Hideo Kojima, however, sees it in a different way. As stated in an interview granted to the German portal 4Player, prefer not to involve players in the decision-making process: “it is Not an option. If I did, I wouldn’t be able to try out new things. When starting a new project, usually the main enemy is represented by your family, or your employees and the people most dear to them. They’ll say: ‘Oh, it will not be a success. We have never seen this type of game before’. This is what happens when you create something new.”

For this reason, the game designer gives the opportunity to see the game only when his vision has already been incorporated in a real level. “Once you have a structure of levels which makes me feel at ease in sharing my thoughts, we analyze the reactions and take into account comments such as: ‘The controls should be that way, the interface instead of that other one’. At that listening point, but in any case, the foundations of the game not the gear“.

What do you think of his ideas? Do you think this is a right approach? In the course of the same interview with the game designers of japan, who yesterday turned 56 years old, has also spoken of the approach to the open world of Death Stranding. At Gamescom 2019 is instead presented with two new trailers focused on Mama and Deadman, and the first gameplay videos of Death Stranding.