A few days after its debut in the shops, Lucas Liaskos, brand CM 505 Games, has revealed some important technical information of the various versions of the Control.

In response to the question posed by a user on Twitter, Liaskos said that the new title of the Remedy will not support HDR, at least not at launch.Liaskos, in fact, he added later that this function is required in a loud voice by a lot of players. Feedback, which was duly reported to the development team, so that they may in the future add support to the HDR update.

Liaskos also said that all the console versions of the Control will have the framerate locked at 30fps. Finally, the versions of PS4 Pro and Xbox One X will boast a series of technical improvements, the nature of which for the time is yet to be revealed. There remains, therefore, that wait for the reviews and the first technical analysis to learn more about it.

Control will be available from 27th August for PS4, Xbox One and PC. In the meantime you can read our preview through this link.

Source: GamingBolt