Bluepoint Games has made a name in this generation, with some resurfacing work really is one of the finest we have ever seen on a console.

The study started from the remaster as simple as Metal Gear Solid HD Collection in the last gen, coming up Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and finally, the awesome Shadow of the Colossus.

While we do not know what you are occupying at this stage of his life, the software house, you are certainly looking around and taking note for the next commitments.

The technical director, Peter Dalton has traded in this regard, a few chats with the fans on the topic, explaining that The Legend of Dragoon, the name jumped out from a conversation, it would be an interesting title to work on.

“I love The Legend of Dragoon, maybe it should be a project?”, you have asked Dalton, with a wink to the fans of the historic title for Sony for the first PlayStation.

In a next tweet, conscious of having unleashed a hornet’s nest, the technical director has not pulled back and stressed that it was “incredible to see the passion of all”, that “reminds me of why we do the remake”.

Not a confirmation, but, why not, maybe Bluepoint Games, we will think for the future.