The fantasy universe of the Dark Souls 2 continues to inspire fans of the series soulslike of From Software, as evidenced by the projects carried out by two developers, amateurs to improve the graphics on the PC.

The fans of the Dark Souls 2 known in the scene with the nickname of “Save Smokey” has used a specific tool for modders with the aim of replacing over 6000 textures and environments, but also in the polygon models of the character, enemies, weapons and equipment.

In the gallery of images-a comparative that you can find at the bottom of the news, the modder offers us a small example of the work done in the modification of the texture of the original: in some cases, the author seems to have limited to increase the resolution by using one of the increasingly popular software AI Neural, while the other has decided to replace all the textures that start with custom images that, while moving away from the artistic vision of home of From Software, help if nothing else to instill originality in the size soulslike of the title.

Always about the graphics of Dark Souls 2 we have the job of StaydMcMuffin, a programmer specializing in the creation of mod for the ambient lighting. Approaching the blockbuster action ruolistico of 2014, the author has well thought to refer to the video presentation of E3 2013 by choosing to rewrite again the lighting system to make it more adherent to the dark tones of the reveal trailer.

The project of Save Smokey is already available and can be downloaded free of charge from the pages of NexusMods, while for the mod to StaydMcMuffin the works have not yet been concluded but, as it seems, soon will be.