Bethesda has released the long-awaited Patch 12 Fallout 76, which has introduced in the game theRaid in the Vault 94 and much more. On the PC weighs in at around 2GB, while on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One arrive at 7GB!

The one in the Vault 94 represents the first foray instantiated in the game. Players are challenged to form a team and complete quests to discover what happened to the inhabitants of Vault 94. Waiting for them, clearly, there will be numerous rewards, including projects to create new sets of armor in the Vault. The Foray is already available on PC, while on console the doors will open in the next few days, unless you discovered a major problem.

The news will not end at all here: the players can now show their collection in a series of showcases to all those who visit the C. A. M. P.., while the number of Caps earned has been increased to 30,000 for the character. Furniture, tools, and sources of water from now on will require a long press of the relevant command, so that these actions are not performed by mistake.

In Nuclear Winter, it introduced the System of selection of Talents, which provides greater freedom in deciding which cards to unlock. The cards Talent duplicate drop tickets from the supervisor, which can be spent to unlock cards Talent missing. The number of such tickets will vary depending on the desired paper. For more information on the changes introduced by Patch 12 Fallout 76, we invite you to visit the official website.