Final Fantasy VIII Remastered back to show themselves in a new and long gameplay eight minutes.

In the clip we can see some scenes played to the cut-scenes in computer graphics, both retouched in high-definition for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

What about this treatment, in the light of the gameplay today?

The remastered version includes the following features that enhance the game experience:

  • The battles easier: the ability to have the bars HP and ATB always full-and the Special Techniques that are always available.
  • No meetings: an option that allows players to enjoy the story without interruptions. When the random encounters are disabled, players can still have fun with the battles of the events of the story.
  • Turbo mode (x3): play three times faster.
  • The version for Steam will include also additional features, such as “All objects” (get all items, except for some), “All skills”, “max Level Guardian Force”, “Guil maximum”, “Spells to the maximum”, “All Special moves” and “All the cards” (get the maximum amount of cards of Triple Triad, except for those rare).