In the pre-Gamescom, and to tell the truth for years now, has been the question of the exclusivity to PlayStation 4 Death Stranding, the new title, Kojima Productions, released on 8 November.

In the past few days we got to dig in the archive of the Internet, some of the statements of Sony, in a FAQ, opened explicitly to a launch on PC.

However, the signals from the German trade fair seem to go in a different direction, since the advertising posters of the game take in the beautiful view of the words “exclusively for PlayStation 4” at the top right.

We don’t know what it is due to this short circuit of communication, from the time that the house, where the japanese had removed from the exclusive PS4 Death Stranding a short time ago.

Of course, this poster is not an absolute guarantee, because this is material prepared by the divisions and local, therefore, in Germany, someone could have trodden a bit too much, without knowing the facts.

For now, the situation is still this: the Gamescom says exclusive to PS4. And Hideo Kojima in the photo below does not seem to be so unhappy…