Continuing on the road of the ray-tracing program that has revolutionized the entire gaming industry, NVIDIA and its partners have kicked off the Gamescom 2019 with the presentation of games that support this technology.

The games, which include mega-established franchises, sequels, very awaited, new series and so on, were presented at a special invite-only event in Cologne. “In the year that NVIDIA has made it possible for ray-tracing in real-time in the games, this revolutionary technology has been adopted throughout the industry,” said Matt Wuebbling, marketing manager GeForce NVIDIA. “Looking at the number of games, the franchise of renowned and stunning images of our event Gamescom 2019, it is clear that the ray-tracing has arrived and it is really the way forward for the development of the games”. New games that support the ray-tracing include:

Dying Light 2 – The highly anticipated action RPG open world Dying Light 2, the new chapter of the franchise with over 17 million players, will be characterized by the ray-tracing in real time, and will bring the total immersion in his world infected.

Metro Exodus The Two Colonels (DLC) – the use of global illumination in Metro Exodus has made it a title of a showcase for the ray tracing. Now, NVIDIA, 4A Games and Deep Silver are adding ray-traced lighting emitting through the next DLC The Two Colonels. The participants of the event can play for the first time in the new DLC The Two Colonels.

Minecraft – Minecraft is the game most sold in the world. NVIDIA and the game developer Mojang are adding a form of ray tracing known as path-tracing for Windows version 10 of the game. The release of the update of the game, players of Minecraft will be able to build, create and explore the world of Minecraft in a stunning realism with the ray-tracing in real-time. Can immerse themselves in a realistic lighting and vibrant colors thanks to the global illumination, realistic water that reflects and refracts, of course, and the texture emissive, which now light up their world. Participants can play Minecraft with ray-tracing in real-time at Gamescom, and to capture their gameplay and share.

SYNCED Off-Planet – The study of development, Tencent has partnered with NVIDIA to launch its first game in AAA with the technology of ray-tracing. Not previously announced, $ REVISION$: Off-Planet is a brand new franchise that will use the reflections and shadows of the ray-tracing in a new version of PvPvE that sees players fight against each other while they survive more than 1,000 “Nano Zombies”. Participants can play and capture their gameplay and share.

In addition, NVIDIA and its development partners are presenting a preview of the different games ray-traced, that reveal, for the first time the effects of this technology, including:

Call of Duty-Modern Warfare – One of the franchise gaming’s most critically acclaimed and most sold of all times, the team of Call of Duty Activision has revealed that the last chapter of the series Modern Warfare fan-favorite will be characterized by the ray-tracing in real-time on a PC. Awarded as “Best Online Multiplayer game” from Game Critics Best of E3 2019, the new title blockbuster will be launched worldwide on 25 October. The participants of the event Gamescom, NVIDIA will finally get their hands on the highly anticipated game and capture the gameplay for the PC, with shadows drawn by ray tracing, to share .

Control – An important showcase for the graphics ray-traced, Control, arrives on the 27th of August and is a title in a bundle with the GeForce RTX. Control has been nominated for the Game Critics Awards in the categories Best original game, Best PC game and Best action game/adventure. The game supports the technology NVIDIA DLSS, the reflections, shadows and global illumination, and will be one of the first games to support the effects of ray-tracing, multiple. Participants can play the game and capture gameplay to share.

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 – Considered to be one of the five biggest announcements from IGN at GDC 2019, the participants at the event, NVIDIA will receive a guided presentation of the highly anticipated Vampire RPG that presents reflections with the technology of ray-tracing.

Watch Dogs the Legion – With more than 60 awards and nominations received at E3 2019, including Game Critics Best Action/Adventure Game, the last episode of the series Watch Dogs will be characterized by the ray-tracing. Participants will have the opportunity to experience in first person the title GeForce RTX with reflections ray-tracing.

Wolfenstein Youngblood – Nominated for the Game Critics Awards of E3 in the categories of Best PC game, Best online Multiplayer and Best action game, Wolfenstein: Youngblood is the second title of the package GeForce RTX. Participants can experience the game with the addition of reflections of ray-tracing.

The Ray Tracing is also present in the demo of Gamescom 2019, including Cyberpunk 2077, winner of hundreds of awards, a title which Gamespot calls “one of the most anticipated games of the decade”. The demo of Gamescom of Cyberpunk 2077 presents the ray-tracing in real-time. The presentations of the game take place every 30 minutes throughout the day at the stand and CD PROJEKT RED in the area in the Gamescom Entertainment Area (Hall 6, Stand C049). Participants can watch the game played live by members of the development team.

The ray-tracing in real time is changing the way in which you created the games and dramatically increases the quality of the image, that you can get. The Ray Tracing is built on a robust ecosystem that includes programming interfaces to industry standard application support in a number of different game engines popular and private, and the games of the largest publishers for their titles more expected. The graphics cards NVIDIA GeForce RTX are the only GPU’s able to play with the ray-tracing in real-time.