From the stage of the Opening Night Live from the Gamescom 2019, the vertices of Capcom lead us in Stretches Brinose to give us a taste of the thrilling experience that awaits us in the Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

Starting from the markets of Seliana, the new trailer of the GC 2019 offers us a quick video overview of the elements of gameplay and content that characterize this ambitious DLC that promises to bring the explorable area greater than the entire game.

Those who will venture into the Expanses Brinose, in fact, can many creatures unheard of and versions “boosted” of the monsters already known in the title of a base, such as Tigrex and the Glavenus: in the intentions of the developers are japanese, Iceborne give you dozens of hours of fun both for experienced users (thanks to the monumental endgame) which, of course, to those who partake of it, only now, to MHW.

Before I leave you to the new gameplay videos of Monster Hunter World Iceborne, we would like to remind those who follow us that the next expansion stand-alone of the masterpiece in the open world of Capcom will be available from 6 September on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For the PC version, instead, you will have to wait until the month of January of 2020.