When it comes to games with a deep story, immediately comes to mind The Last of Us with its characters, has been able to hit the fans around the world. For the players , Joel is the good character, the hero par excellence, but apparently for the voice actor, Troy Baker, is not exactly so.

During an interview at the Manchester Comic-con, Baker explained that Joel should not be considered necessarily as a hero: “In The Last of Us assume that Joel is good and David the bad of the dell situation. However, in my opinion, everyone is the hero of their own story”.

“I am firmly convinced,” continued the voice, “which David do you think what he is doing is right for his people. And Joel? I don’t think he believe himself a hero, quite the contrary. And’ as if to say: ‘I’m just a man trying to get by in this world, are not here to save anyone, I don’t want to upset the plans of anyone. I’m just trying to live one day at a time'”.


Currently we don’t know if Joel will be present in the interior of The Last of Us II, however, we know exactly who Troy Baker has participated in the new game of Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding, which will arrive on the PlayStation 4 starting from 8 November. With regard to The Last of Us II probably will be revealed as the release date during a State of Play that, according to any rumor, will be held in November.

Source: Gamepur