Sony reveals new colours for the DualShock 4

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Sony has announced four new colors for the controller DualShock 4 coming in the next few months.

Two of the controllers, Electric Purple and Titanium Blue, are relatively simple in their design. Each controller has a combination of colors to two tones with each containing a different shade of purple and blue respectively on the front and on the back of the DualShock 4. The Red Camouflage is exactly what it sounds like: a controller based on the red with a pattern of camouflage.

The last controller is the Rose Gold and it is probably the most unusual of the group. It has a metallic-look in gold on the front with the pink on the back. If you are planning to buy this controller, Sony will also launch a headset in pair within November, and will be provided with the same combination of colors.

You can see the video dedicated to the new controller below. All four models will arrive this fall and will be sold at retail for $ 64,99.

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Source: Dualshockers.


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