Person 5 Royal: published new images for characters and Person!

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The always attentive community of gamers active on the forum Will highlight the publication on the part of Atlus of new images dedicated to the 5 Royal.

Very diverse, these include both screenshots of both concept art and have for protagonists, settings, characters, and, of course, the Person! Among these, stand out Diego, equipped with sword and cloak, Agnes, threatening Person similar to a vehicle, Al Azif, unusual Person from structure of a pyramid, and Lucy, an imposing lady from the elaborate gown. The new Person belong respectively to the characters of Morgana, Makoto, Futaba , and Haru. Even these latter, together with the mysterious character of Jose, are the protagonists of some of the images. To complete the gallery of images, which you can see directly in the bottom of this news, then we find some screenshots of the game, which we illustrate different settings of the Person 5 the Royal, among which we can recognize the well-known Cafe Leblanc. What do you think, you’re curious about these new small starters of Person 5 Royal?

Please note that this new edition of the JRPG di Atlus will debut in Japan on the 31st of October, on Playstation 4. The game is expected in Europe in the course of 2020, but is not now available a precise date of publication. In the course of E3 has been shared the first trailer in English of the Person 5 Royal, while recently a new movie focused on the character of Morgana.


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