Cliff Bleszinski: the creator of Gears of War may return with a new game

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In November of last year, Cliff Bleszinski had decided to say goodbye to the gaming industry after the terrible flop of Lawbreakers and the more recent Radical Heights.

Now apparently, the creator of Gears of War has decided to change the idea, taking into consideration the idea come about to develop a game. The revelation was published via Twitter: “Guys, I have an idea for a new game and I don’t think I will come out easily from the” head ” has declared to his fans. “I thought I had finished with the games, but this stupid brain started to work. UGH”.

But what kind of game could it be? Bleszinski has always had a propensity for the shooter, then it is possible that the next project might even involve the use of weapons. However, it has not wanted to release any other details, for now.

However, one thing is certain: the game “will not be a fucking Battle Royale,” said emphasizing the sentence is written in uppercase. Currently so we don’t know if CliffyB will decide to implement or not of this project. We just have to wait a new release on social.

Source: Gamereactor


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