In the course of a recent interview conducted by Wccftech, Danny Homan, and Sam Winkler are back to discuss of the DLC of Borderlands 3, which is already anticipated by Gearbox Software and 2K Games during the past few months.

Exactly as happened with the additional content of the second chapter, even with the expansions of Borderlands 3, the developers have decided to give free rein to their imagination by proposing original adventures who know how to detach themselves from the experience base:

“In Borderlands 2 we had an adventure from the pirates and another fantasy based on D&D. With Borderlands 3 manteremo this tradition with the interesting, bizarre DLC“, the declarations of the Gearbox.

Players can expect fresh content within the DLC: Homan and Winkler have been assured that will not be recycled items already present in the basic game: “New places, new characters, old characters that you have not met or seen enough in the main game”.

Borderlands 3 will be available from 13 September 2019 on a PC (confirmed by the use of the DRM Denuvo), the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The main store gaming online have revealed the weight of the new chapter of the series looter-shooter: you will need to download almost 40GB (it will, however, need to 75gb large on your hard disk to start the setup procedure). Waiting to finally be able to put yourself the hands on the title, we invite you to see our Preview of Borderlands 3 for all the additional insights on the game.