In the course of the last financial report, THQ announced that it has acquired some development studies, and offered news on Dead Island 2, even if not too pleasant. There’s now also a good news, especially for those who liked TimeSplitters.

It is a saga shooter developed by Free Radical, a studio formed by former employees of Rare is already working on GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64, which was particularly loved by the fans, despite being absent from the scenes for quite some time. The last chapter in fact, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, was back in 2005, and did not seem to be plans on the horizon to resume the series.

Things, however, might be to change. Last year THQ Nordic acquired the intellectual property of the franchise, and news today the recruitment of the co-creator of the series, Steve Ellis, who according to the ad, “has joined the team to plan for the future of the franchise”.

In short, it may finally be the right time for a great return of TimeSplitters. There are news coming during the upcoming Gamescom, maybe even at the level of ad or teaser? Unlikely, but in the end a new chapter in the series is missing for 14 years now, we can afford to wait a few month more.

Or not?