Predator Hunting Grounds : the exciting excluded PS4, will unveil at gamescom 2019

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Last may, Sony unveiled during his State of Play Predator : Hunting Grounds, a multiplayer game based on a concept of so-called “asymmetric” : the players will act out soldiers, while another will slip into the skin of the famous alien, the goal is obviously to put the opponents to death. An idea rather enticing entrusted to Illfonic, a studio that knows how to do in the matter as to the origin of the sympathetic nerve Friday the 13th : The Game, which was based on similar rules.

Only here, apart from the trailer announcement, deployed a few months ago, the exclusive PS4 in no way proved to be more than that. This is the gamescom 2019 which will be the highlight as it should be, as the announcement the well-known presenter of its opening ceremony Geoff Keighley : the gameplay will be unveiled Monday at 20h, French time. The appointment is made, not without some haste.


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