PC Building Simulator : assemble the PC of your dreams on the consoles, proof in video

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Claudiu Kiss informs us today that PC Building Simulator is finally available on consoles. Players PS4, Xbox One, and the Switch will finally be able to discover the wonderful world of the PC Gaming Master Race and learn how to assemble a tower gamer worthy of the name. Quite educational, the game offers you to embody the daily life of a manager of a shop that performs PC-to-measure and repairs, using genuine components modelled to perfection. Each reference is completely authentic, and the game includes thousands of components from a catalogue of leading brands such as NZXT, EKWB, Corsair, EVGA, Fractal, MSI, AMD, Intel, Nvidia, Gigabyte and many others. If you crack quickly for this game which will delight all geeks hardware, be aware that you will be able to receive a promotion of 10%, which shows the game at 16€.


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