Video Man-of-Medan:terrorizziamo friends with the multiplayer mode Evening at the Cinema

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After seeing the Pit, and Sabaku terrified in the Horror Experience of the Man of Medan, there rituffiamo in the nightmare digital of the first act of the Dark Pictures Anthology to see the new video made by Supermassive Games to introduce us to the Evening at the movies, a multiplayer mode from live strictly offline.

The video diary found by the developers of the English shows us the mechanics of the game that we experience together with our friends passing it along to an Evening at the Cinema to deal with the ghosts and the monsters Man-of-Medan.

Parallel and complementary to the main campaign and to the Shared History, the new mode will give each player (for a maximum of 5 users) the control of a different character, allowing him to choose the actions to perform and the forks in the narrative to take.

It will, in essence, an approach to offline cooperative multiplayer (and to some extent competitive) where everyone will be given the opportunity to add tiles to the puzzle of the plot, also involving their friends with actions that will impact inevitably on other actors in the story.

Mode Evening at the movies will be available since the launch of Man of Medan, which we recall is scheduled for August 30 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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